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Healthcare reform policies have mandated better quality of care, with more cost effective measures. The industry has shifted away from fee for service compensation to paying for performance. Pay-for-performance programs can impose financial penalties on providers that fail to achieve specified goals or cost savings. Effective care coordination can improve health system performance in terms of quality and cost-efficiency.

 Healthcare Navigation Systems' team is experienced in care coordination across the healthcare delivery continuum. We are effective in promoting value based care, managing the patient care transition process, collaborating with stakeholders to improve patient outcomes, reducing length of hospital stay, readmissions rate, emergency room visits, and reducing cost while improving patient experience and patient outcomes.

Experienced with Bundle Payment program. 

Provides care coordination support and consultation.



 Healthcare reform has introduced changes in reimbursement. Payment is no longer related to the number of services provided, but rather to the health outcomes. Healthcare provider are forced to meet the objectives of better care, smarter spending and healthier people.

We provide care coordination resources to improve patient-centered care quality, while controlling costs within and across care settings. 

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OUR Services

Care coordination is as a key strategy that has the potential to improve the effectiveness, safety, and efficiency of the American health care system.

We provide well designed, targeted care coordination that is delivered to the right people to improve outcomes for everyone: patients, providers, and payers.

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Our Mission & vision

Providing care coordination services/support that span the continuum of health care, that is patient focused, timely, accessible, based on ethical practice, respectful of patient rights, responsive to other care providers, current with insurers’ expectations and reflective of the evolution of health policy and medical practice. 

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