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"We provide our healthcare provider clients with an outsourced solution for care coordination and guidance with Value-Based Payment programs to significantly improve outcomes and patient spending."


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Care Coordination important?

A care coordinator's job is often the single most important role involved in the care of any patient. Supervising interdisciplinary care, and bringing together the different specialists whose help the patient may need. Care coordinators are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the care delivered. Efficient care coordination can ameliorate situations before they escalate into challenges, resulting in reduced readmissions rates and emergency department visits.

What is the role of Care Coordinators?

Value-Based Care

Healthcare Navigation Systems is an advisory firm providing consultation and support for outcomes improvement initiatives for value based care delivery.

Our advisors are experienced in piloting Medicare Bundle Payment programs, managing transitions of care process, designing and deployment of care coordination process, and managing population health software implementation.


Experts in Care Coordination

Healthcare Navigation Systems, is an affordable outsourced solution for Care Coordination. Our experience in patient management and hospital operations allows us to seamlessly integrate with your organization- enhancing patient care experience.

At HSN, we provide well designed, targeted care coordination that is delivered to the right people to improve outcomes for everyone: patients, providers, and payers

We manage the patient care transition process across the care continuum; through telephonic patient outreach and collaboration with all stakeholders.


Reduce Length of Stay

Reduce Per Capita Spending

Eliminate Gaps In Care

Increase Quality of Care

Reduce Readmission Rates

Increase Revenue in Shared Savings Arrangement

Our Areas of Expertise

How We Make Difference

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Our care teams include professionals who can address cultural, psychological, and social economical needs of patients, helping overcome barriers patients may face in adhering to recommended treatments. Additionally, we assist health providers in identifying and assessing at-risk patients, facilitating access to needed services, and developing daily management and follow-up plans for patients, at prognosis. 

Patient Engagement

We engage patients in their own health care decisions to empower them to take a more active role in managing their health condition. Evidence shows consumers and caregivers who are engaged, well informed, and who communicate effectively with their health care providers are more likely to receive preventive care and adhere to prescribed treatments.

Data Analysis

We can only improve the care and health of populations if we truly understand the care we deliver. Understanding the care requires data. It’s important to be able gather data and track clinical and financial data over time and across settings. The tracking of key metrics such as treatments, health status, functionality, improvement in quality of life, must occur at the individual and population levels to effectively improve outcomes.

Technology Solutions

We help practices leverage technology by providing access to a web-based clinical tracking system and registry that supports appropriate,evidence-based care by providing the latest information on clinical guidelines.

Self-Management Education

HNS, provides community-based programs designed to equip patients and caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their chronic conditions. When patients do not understand how to manage their own chronic conditions, they can end up exacerbating their health problems.

Integrated Custom Care Plans

We work with all of the patient’s physicians and other care team members to create one comprehensive care plan tailored to the patient’s health care needs and priorities.

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